Hire a Book Editor

Welcome, authors! Whether you’re looking for a quick copyedit, a more detailed, substantive edit, or a quick quote on your book, you’re in the right place. I’m a professional book editor with expertise in multiple genres, years of experience, and I have edited over a hundred full-length novels, many of which are bestsellers on Amazon.

I’m here to help you deliver the best book possible to your readers, including fixing plot inconsistencies, ensuring that character names and identities stay consistent, and tackling difficult grammar and sentence-structure issues.

One of the first things I do when editing is to compile a master sheet of all the unique elements that make up your story. A master sheet is an index or detailed list that keeps track of things like character names (including appearance, nicknames, abilities or powers, etc), places (especially unique spelling or capitalization), roles (such as unique races or cultures), special phrases, objects, events, creatures, and world building (essential if I’m editing a litRPG where powers, abilities, and stats have to be carefully maintained).

I also keep track of your preferences and decisions and make sure you’re consistent throughout your book, especially if the story spans multiple books or series. My intention is to stay true to your creative vision.

And although it’s not glamorous, I’m also here to help with pesky punctuation, grammar, and other sentence-level issues that detract from your story.

If you're currently looking for an editor, I'd love to look at your work! Send me a message.

Recent Projects

I recently finished editing book 20 in Pedro Urvi's #1 series Path of the Ranger. It's called The King's Sacrifice and is the conclusion to the entire series, although it definitely isn't the end of the adventures of Lasgol and his friends, which will continue in The Path of Dragons: Flameborn. Urvi writes his books originally in Spanish and then has a translator go through each chapter, which is where I come in, editing each translated chapter before a final proofreader goes through the book before publication. I started editing for Pedro on book 11 of the Ranger series, and it's been a lot of fun to read through the adventures and mishaps of Lasgol and his companions.

I am now an editor on Reedsy and have worked with a few different authors, including editing the debut book Play or Die by Anastasiia Sobolieva and Dmitry Serebryakov. It's an action-packed litRPG that's part of a 14-book series. Check them out on Amazon!

Tom Elliot's omnibus, Birth of Player, is also now available! This is a fresh edit of the first three books in his majorly successful series, The Grand Game, which I completed around Christmas last year.

I recently edited for Aethon Books: book 7 of Seth Ring's majorly successful Battle Mage Farmer series called Separation; book 5 in Seth Ring's Tower series called Bloodline; the second book in a litRPG fantasy novel first popular on Royal Road by RinoZ called Book of the Dead; book 14 in Rick Partlow's explosive series Drop Trooper and a new series called World War Mars; two books in Ben Wolf's new, yet-to-be-released sci-fi series; six books in a new sci-fi series by L Eclaire called The Battleship Chronicles; a gripping domestic crime thriller by Phil M. Williams; and the third book in Ben Hale's Augment War series called Haven of Glass.