Words and Worlds

Let’s cut to the chase—words. Most editors are word hungry, word focused, and word driven. And with good reason! If you’re charging by the word (and all the greats do), then words become your bread and butter. And while I can’t help but focus on the little details, like hyphens (the bane of my existence), capitalization, spelling, consistency, etc., there’s more to a story than words. What about the characters? The plot line? That really cool fight scene? Entertaining dialogue? Special words, phrases, creatures, events, and concepts? In other words, what about your special world building?

Don’t worry: I’ve got you covered! Concerned that your character suddenly has a new last name halfway through the book? (seen it.) Or how about the mysterious character with blue eyes and blonde hair who suddenly becomes a fiery redhead with bright green orbs? (seen that one too.) Or do you perhaps have a certain phrase or description you adore a little too much (and use a little too often)? And maybe your punctuation or sentence structure is a little too uniform in places (an easy fix that really brings out your story).

My job is not to rewrite or change your story, personal voice, or personality as an author, but to highlight the amazing story you’ve already written.

So while I will be watching for all the things mentioned above—and some you haven’t even considered—the most important task for me is to emphasize your characters, your dialogue, your plot twists: your world.

Welcome to the website! Take a look around, enjoy the doodles and paintings (I’m also a bit of an avid artist), and get ready to take your story and world to the next level.

(And even though I’m an editor, I’ve also written hundreds of thousands of words and understand that this book is your baby. Trust me—I’ll keep it safe.)