Copyedit Package: grammar, spelling, punctuation, some reworking of sentences—a good choice if you’ve already spent a lot of time polishing story elements.

Substantive Edit Package: copy edits, reworked sentences as needed, story suggestions, and a master sheet keeping track of your specific story elements (characters, roles, places, phrases, objects, creatures, and events)—pick this one if you’re concerned about story cohesiveness or readers getting confused.

Ultimate Package: a nuts-and-bolts approach to writing and editing—this includes a consultation after the completion of your first draft (while you're still willing to make drastic changes if necessary), email correspondence throughout, and a far more detailed master sheet—an excellent pick for the author who wants an experienced partner throughout the writing and editing process.

Sneak Peek Goody Bag: an edit of the first 1-2 chapters of your draft. A good one to pick if you’re not sure which package is best for you—this edit will include both substantive and copy edits so you can get a feel for which edits best suit your story.

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